Why Video, Why Now?

Video, “The most critical part of business growth”.
(Forbes 2013)

We are in the midst of creating our new video production web site at www.DorValfilms.com. This means that we will once again be discussing how and why we design videos the way we do. It has been a year so we decided to gather recent facts about video and how it is viewed on the Internet. Online video traffic will account for 55% of all consumer internet traffic globally by 2016.
(Cisco 2012)

The following is snapshot of some of what we found. The current state affairs when it comes to video and the watching habits of the over 2.5 Billion internet users worldwide, speaks volumes when it comes to the power of the targeted video message and the life span of an original and forward thinking creative.

A short time ago I wrote an article about the length of a video and here is what my research tells me about how relevant video is and why it is used.

It seems that web sites with videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google Search. Shares and searches are the main goal of a brand video.
(Forrester Research 2011)

Research shows that 75% of all videos shared, are shared on Facebook. Viewing habits on Facebook are more than just relevant for social media branding so you cannot ignore the writing on the Facebook wall. Video used in email marketing increases click-through rates by over 96%.
(Implix 2010)

A video is 3 times more likely to be shared on Twitter than any other content that can be attached. Most of the social media shared today are fifteen seconds long and that’s it (ex Vine, Instagram).

76% of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and Blog integration.
(Social Media Examiner 2012)

Not all video has to scream by you like a garbage truck on fire but, the pace and the entertainment value of your videos has to be considered from the outset.

Research shows that consumers are 72% more likely to purchase and 52% more confident in the purchase when video is used for online product information. As online shopping takes over as the purchasing platform for the future, the bricks and mortar days are numbered.
(Warton School of Business 2012)

To not have a corporate video strategy, allows a competitor to “out communicate you” on core brand issues. Since 2006 there has been a 50X increase in video sharing. From 1.4 million to 12.2 million shares.

More than 90% of website visitors said that a video helped with their decision to buy. Even if this survey is not 100% accurate, it is obvious that when you invest in professional video production you will be more focused by using people that do it every day and not as a hobby or sideline.
(comScore 2012)

After watching a video 46% of business people visit a vendor website or contact a vendor for more information. 58% of business people watch videos to find information on products or services they wish to buy. YouTube is used by 77% of business for sharing content online.

My Conclusion

Every minute 1.3 million videos are viewed. The viewer is continually being forced to absorb large amounts of information in an ever decreasing increment of time. A condensed increment of time means you need to get to the point.

Having said all that, video, like power is your best tool, when it is used wisely.