Top video editing tips for beginners

Have you ever wondered how your favourite movie or even a simple music video is filmed and edited? Well, you are not alone. The people who are responsible for the final output of production are the editors.

Being an editor is not an easy job because it requires a good mix of both technical and creative knowledge. You also need to have a keen eye to catch all of the possible flaws. If you are new to editing, here are some of the tips you should know:

Choose the right software

The first thing you need to do is to choose the video editing software that you are most comfortable with. This software should provide even the most standard video editing tools. When choosing, you need to consider the software’s usability, features, and digital interface.  Some of the top favourites are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects. 

Watch video editing tutorials

It is highly recommended to watch video editing tutorials on YouTube and other educational sites. You can even read some of Dorval Films vlogs where you can find some of the tips and tricks when it comes to video editing. 

Use a computer with strong and fast processors 

It is not about using Windows or macOS. In fact, you should choose whatever brand of computer you want as long as it is fast enough and can store and process huge files. 

Obey the 321 rule 

The 321 rule is keeping three copies of everything you create in at least two different places. Keep in mind that one of the copies should be separated from your other locations. You can even keep them all at different locations.

Edit for a story

Editing a video is not only the process of stitching the videos altogether. As an editor, you should have the creative goal of telling a great story. Go beyond the basics and take every opportunity to create aesthetically pleasing and dramatically compelling output. 

Use keyboard shortcuts

When editing, it is best to utilize keyboard shortcuts to easily perform actions and not waste time looking for the tool you want to use. You don’t have to memorize all of the shortcut keys but it is best to familiarize yourself with those that you are going to use more often. 

If you have the budget, you can also purchase an editing keyboard that already has shortcut icons in them.

Learn basic terms 

If you are planning to work in the video editing industry, you should know some jargon that you’ll need to communicate with other video editors or clients. Some of the basic terms are: 

  • Jump cuts- cutting out boring or predictable parts of the video 
  • Montage- sequence of clips showing the passage of time 
  • Match cut- stitching two visually similar shots 
  • Cutaways- it is the process of adding transition pieces that don’t include the main subject

Aside from knowing the nooks and crannies of editing, it is also best if you take video editing courses to hone your skills even more. You can also flaunt some of your output at Dorval Films. Who knows? You might bag a project that will expose you to the industry.