Tips to create an effective video marketing

DorVal Films: Tips to create an effective video marketing

In the field of marketing, getting your message out there is now a lot easier. Thanks to video production, various companies can finally reach a wider audience that allows them to be creative and limitless. 

With the rise of the Internet, approximately 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily and 80% of users better recall video ads they have watched online. Moreover, 1200% of shares are generated by social media videos more than text-based content. So, what better way to spread your campaigns than create effective video marketing?

To help you create compelling online videos, here are some tips you need to know:

Be story-centred

When it comes to creating video marketing campaigns, no customer wants to watch a commercial or an ad that focuses too much on sales. Instead, make your brand revolve around a story. Focus on what the audience will get out of your video, and not the other way around.

Video content that incorporates storytelling is guaranteed to reel in more viewers than the ones who just introduce their products. Show how your company can make a difference, and how your services are bound to make an impact on everyone’s lives.

Make the first few seconds count

Not-so-fun fact: the average attention span online is just 8.5 seconds, so you better make the first few seconds of your video count. In the opening seconds, you should be clear and straightforward on what the video is about. If you want to keep your audience on the hook, convince them that what they’re watching is worth their time.

First, think of a great hook. You can start with stating a fact, telling jokes or use motion graphics, especially for how-to videos. Moreover, upload an eye-catching thumbnail to boost your play rates. Make sure that the thumbnail is high-quality so the viewers instantly know that your video is worth clicking!

Include calls to action

Now that you’ve produced a video that has great storytelling and interesting hooks, never forget calls to action. After watching your video, your audience must know what steps they need to take. You can provide instructions through speech if someone is talking in the video, or provide links that your viewers can visit for more details.

Think of calls to action as the cherry on top of your content. It puts a strong emphasis that whatever you’re promoting can point the audience in the right direction.

Use closed captions

Using closed captions in your video content gives you a competitive edge. You show your audience that your brand prioritizes accessibility, especially to people with hearing disabilities. In fact, 5% of the world’s population suffers from hearing loss, so you have approximately 360 million people to accommodate.

You also provide better comprehension for non-native English speakers. Closed captions can help them improve their spelling, vocabulary and develop a natural ear for the language.