From short films to feature length documentaries to broadcast and web video production, DorVal Films is always looking to create new content for the ever changing video distribution landscape.

“Reviews” A Short Film

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Written and directed by Wayne Dorey, this short film puts one crazy film director through what can only be described as, “A twisted roller coaster ride with the back seat on fire.” We enter a world that plays out inside the scrambled head of Javier Bustos played by versatile comedic actor Cris Amiana. Cris has taken a deeply flawed character and brought him to life, and then proceeded to torture him physiologically.

This film asks the burning question, “Can a film about a man who falls in love with his own ass actually be liked by the critics?”

“Insert Lie Here” The Documentary

Feature Documentary Under Development

“Fake News” has been responsible for 2,500 years of misinformation campaigns, sinister plots, deceptions and lies but, does anyone really know the truth – now you do.

This documentary will reveal how historical events were shaped by the weaponizing of words designed to satisfy an agenda. Throughout, we will review what influences the decision-making process and why we do what we do. Our story will answer questions as well as illustrate the evolution of lies.

Synopsis available on request.

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