Digital Reality of Entertainment

The Land of Tomorrow – Tomorrow

In the not too distant future, the digital evolution of entertainment will eventually eliminate a lot of tradition and with it a lot of traditional jobs. Imagine a world with no camera men, lighting people, make-up or hair dressers. No more will the feature film need props, set builders, sound stages, elaborate sets and expensive locations. No wardrobe or stylists or script assistant, or producer assistant or directors assistant as a matter of fact no assistants at all and of course, no actors!

We are not far from a new reality in communication and entertainment. One look at a video game should serve as a perfect example of where we are headed and at the speed we are headed at. Our high speed journey is a developing wave of new media that cuts out a lot of jobs and puts it into a very small group of people that make up our new entertainment reality.

The comic book is turning digital at such a high speed rate that by 2020, we could see the traditional paper comic become a special order item. Digital downloading dramatically reduces the cost of delivering the product to the audience. The now digital files can be re-purposed and used over multi platforms in an inexpensive and controlled fashion. That means; reduce cost and increase profits.

The feature film is slowly becoming a computer medium and not one of the last bastions of traditional skills. Too many films are shot on a big green set and all the elements that use to be manufactured or locations that need to be found and used are being replaced with the stroke of the digital brush.

The result will be films that will also be a video game, and as a video game / film you can change the ending over and over again.

You can even become the hero of the film by scanning in to your system your face and your girl friend or wife can be the damsel in distress. This fantasy based entertainment will become an industry all by itself.

Now you are the star of every film. The film star role in society will change forever. The stars of tomorrow might just be in a digital form, only!

The cell phone has become the window to the world. The TV set is replaced by the Home Entertainment Center, and that is replaced by the cell phone, and that is replaced by what next, maybe a implant directly to the brain?

We stare at our hands so much that we have lost the art of face to face communication. The art of talking is replaced by an Auto-Correct realm, where all emotion is removed and in it’s place, more words. Words in place of actions, a disconnect of one on one interaction. Our digital arms length approach to each other has been reduced to a hand full of ways not to deal with each other.

The shopping experience has gone from Main Street to Cyber Street. Now when you return from a shopping trip the only things soar is your fingers. With in-phone advertising and social media turning into just another place to invade your privacy, you thoughts and your moves are being tracked like you were a 007 Super Villain.

There are too many things that can change when it comes to the brave new world our computers have afforded us. With the ability to create entertainment and deliver manufactured communication reality into the palm of our hands, because we can, should we? Having said all that, it does allow us to give one the power of many. And the rest, I guess we shall see.