The ultimate guide to video production

DorVal Films: The ultimate guide to video production Films, YouTube tutorials, commercials and political ads—they have become a huge part of your life. There is nothing better than knowing a story through video as a medium, emotionally connecting with people that cannot be gained through written words alone. Every frame and movement is enough to … Read more

Video Behaviors Shift as Multiscreen Usage Progresses

Video habits steadily moving to mobile Time spent watching video on TV is still greater than on other devices. However, with the proliferation of mobile devices entering the market and multiscreen usage growing, video habits are shifting. Millward Brown, which surveyed—via smartphone or tablet—more than 13,500 16- to 45-year-old multiscreen users across 42 countries, found … Read more

Rogers To Launch Live 4K TV with HDR

Rogers announced it is bringing customers the next big thing in home entertainment with the launch of 4K ready gigabit internet speeds, a new 4K set top box, Rogers 4K TV and the world’s largest commitment to live broadcasting in 4K with HDR. Customers will enjoy live 4K TV broadcasts – four times the pixels … Read more

Digital Reality of Entertainment

The Land of Tomorrow – Tomorrow In the not too distant future, the digital evolution of entertainment will eventually eliminate a lot of tradition and with it a lot of traditional jobs. Imagine a world with no camera men, lighting people, make-up or hair dressers. No more will the feature film need props, set builders, sound stages, … Read more

Corporate Video Production: Corporate “Goals and Needs”

Corporate video production is a must when marketing and promoting your company in today’s social media driven world. For years video production was undervalued as the web site boom had everyone catching up on this amazing revolution in Internet communication. Now we see that 75% of all videos are shared on platforms like Facebook. A … Read more

Why Video, Why Now?

Video, “The most critical part of business growth”.(Forbes 2013) We are in the midst of creating our new video production web site at This means that we will once again be discussing how and why we design videos the way we do. It has been a year so we decided to gather recent facts … Read more

Creating your message as “Share Media”

What is “Share Media”? It is your message being distributed by total strangers for free. You may wonder how that is possible. This is the “New Normal”. Social media has started a change that at this point, is evolving and in doing so it changes the nature of what you are trying to accomplish. Pushing … Read more