DorVal Films is a Toronto based video production company that is involved with talented artist and skilled crafts people to generate video messages in an environment where, “Video is on Demand”.

With decades of experience in all aspects of the video/film business, we translate ideas into action. Working within existing fiscal limitations, clients understand the insignificance of video in the business world and their expectations are that the production company they choose will maximize their investment.

With over 50 years of production experience, DorVal Films knows how to engage the audience in an entertaining and informative way. We listen to clients and then design video productions they want rather than selling clients what we want them to buy.

We believe in an organized and traditional approach to production that will guarantee a designed result. We feel that you should always focus on your message, be clear and direct with visitors. We know that when you create a compelling video message that answers consumer questions, you create a credible reason why your company should be viewed as the company or brand of choice.

Past and Present Client List:

  • Avid Technologies Inc.
  • Blackmagic Design
  • Director Guild of Canada
  • Bell Media (CTV and MTV)
  • Pivotal Post
  • Dynamix Professional Video Systems
  • Screen Industries Research & Training Centre (SIRT)
  • Thane International
  • The Canadian Cinema Editors
  • Shaw Media
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Avid Toronto Editors
  • Deluxe Post Productions
  • Torstar Media Group Television
  • Women in Film and Television
  • Reach MIJO
  • Buck Productions
  • Channel Zero
  • The Art of The Guillotine
  • Sheridan College
  • Nightingale Music
  • APM Music
  • Digital Juice
  • Boris FX
  • Pinewood Studios
  • CTV National News
  • McLaren Advertising
  • Holt Renfrew
  • CIL Explosives
  • Tetra Pack
  • Government of Canada
  • Canada National Film Board
  • The CN Tower “ECODEK”
  • General Motors Canada
  • Palmer Bonner Advertising
  • World Trade Center Montreal 2000cdn.com
  • Millennium Celebrations
  • Canada AM
  • EXPO 86 / Canada Pavilion
  • ISTC Rockwell International
  • Rothmans Racing Team
  • Philips Holland
  • AC Delco
  • YTV
  • TSN
  • Craven A
  • Shell Oil
  • Much Music
  • Cineplex

Dorval Films: Everything you need to know about us

Welcome to Dorval Films! We are a Toronto-based video production company that is involved with talented artists and well-skilled people to generate video messages in an environment where videos are on demand.

DorVal Films knows how to engage the audience in an entertaining and informative way. We listen to clients and then design video productions they want rather than selling clients what we want them to buy.

We believe in an organized and traditional approach to production that will guarantee a designed result. We feel that you should always focus on your message, be clear and direct with your visitors. 


From short films to feature-length documentaries to broadcast and web video production, DorVal Films is always looking to create new content for the ever-changing video distribution landscape.

Here are some of DorVal Films’ future production projects:

Reviews: A short film

IndieGoGo Campaign

Written and directed by Wayne Dorey, this short film puts one crazy film director through what can only be described as a twisted roller coaster ride with the back seat on fire. We enter a world that plays out inside the scrambled head of Javier Bustos played by versatile comedic actor Cris Amiana. Cris has taken a deeply flawed character and brought him to life, and then proceeded to torture him physiologically.

This film asks the burning question, ‘Can a film about a man who falls in love with himself actually be liked by the critics?’

Insert Lie Here: The Documentary

Feature Documentary Under Development

Fake News has been responsible for 2,500 years of misinformation campaigns, sinister plots, deceptions and lies but, does anyone really know the truth? Now you do.

This documentary will reveal how historical events were shaped by the weaponizing of words designed to satisfy an agenda. Throughout the documentary, we will review what influences the decision-making process and why we do what we do. Our story will answer questions as well as illustrate the evolution of lies.

Comic Book Crazy! The Documentary

Feature Documentary: The Comic Convention is a full-contact sport for those who dare.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the person working on the other side of the table talking about comics and superheroes all day at the large annual comic book convention and pop culture event in Canada?

Comic Book Crazy! is an in-depth and dramatic look at what it takes to work the third-largest comic book convention in North America. Celebrating the 20th year of Fan Expo, DorVal Films has captured the experience of being a vendor from the other side of the table.

Through the eyes of four comic book stores and the 900 plus exhibitors, we follow the five days of crazy that will see close to 130,000 people participate in the convention. Come watch these crazy convention commandos trade sandbags for an estimated 3,000 boxes of comic books and collectables as the sea of comic book culture fans leave the real world behind and enter into the Comic Book Crazy zone!

Comic Book Culture

13 Episode Television Series: An inside look at the worldwide phenomena that is Comic Book Culture.

Comic Book Culture, the television show, goes down the rabbit hole and into the world that surrounds the artists and craftsmen that live and breathe within the comic book lifestyle. Out of step with mainstream living, the people of the Comic Book Culture community have a unique perspective. With over 80 videos on our YouTube Channel, we have brought together that unique perspective and now we exhibit some of the best artists from all over this globe.

No Good Deed

Short Film: It takes us from the highest life moment to the unthinkable.

Brad and Skyler have the world by the tail. Skyler has found her prince charming and Brad has found his soul mate. With a big question just around the corner, it looks like nothing will stop this power couple. But before the night is over, they will go from the highest moment to the unthinkable.

In development

I’m Waiting

Short Film: Courtney Fowler—a beautiful and sexy woman about to find herself close to the edge and far from home.

Courtney Fowler is all dressed up when she returns from the city. At the last minute, she changes her plans to leave town with her husband. Instead, the plan is to head to their remote cottage where her husband will meet her later in the day. She lets out a sigh as she heads back out the door returning shortly with food and a suspicious black duffel bag. She and her husband have had a couple of rocky years and she has become very unhappy. Her headaches are pounding away and she is very, very miserable.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on DorVal Films

What makes the DorVal Films’ production team qualified to do your work?

With a combined 50 years of hands-on experience, we have created or worked on a wide range of projects. From corporate, promotions, marketing, special events, installations, information and broadcast projects, we know what it takes to create effective video communications projects. A clear message combined with traditional and contemporary skill sets.

Can DorVal Films deliver within a deadline and on a budget?

We have experience working with advertising agencies, multinational corporations, national broadcasters and a host of small businesses. It is not about the time and money; it is about being effective through experience and estimating real-world production expectations that respect client centred timelines and budgets.

How is DorVal Films going to help my video stand out as unique?

We listen carefully to the needs of the client. We then script a crafted message to connect with the end-user in an engaging and entertaining way, keeping in mind what current research ascertains as fact-based viewership habits.

What is the plan of action when DorVal Films takes on a project?

First and foremost:

  • What is the message?
  • What is the budget?
  • Determine the story
  • Fix a length
  • Decide on the level of production value
  • Work within the stated parameters
  • Ensure industry standards across the board and deliver beyond client expectations.

How will DorVal Films handle the planning?

Successful planning is a key to a mutually gratifying video production experience. We are always listening carefully to the client because the client is the expert in their field. DorVal Films can communicate any message at any price point. We recognize the importance of client involvement in all planning. At the end of the day, if the client is happy, we did our job.

How does DorVal Films communicate client messages clearly?

DorVal Films creates a traditional script using feature film software (Final Draft 9) that allows for a level of message control, ensuring a solid foundation for any motion picture project of any price point. Controlling the concept to capture and complete is a key factor in any fiscally responsible video, on message and on budget.

Are there production service packages or specials?

DorVal Films has developed unique rotating opportunities for first-timers or veteran marketing and promotions managers. The issue is always whether or not a production company is charging fair market value. Is their overhead driving up the price and falling short of delivering your company’s media investment expectations? Our virtual operations and service packages allow for your production dollars to be placed on the screen where they belong.

Does DorVal Films own filming and editing tools for complete video production?

DorVal Films owns all broadcast HD equipment, systems and licensed software necessary to exceed industry standards. With almost 100 videos on our DorVal Films YouTube channel, we offer a spectrum of production styles. In a social media-driven marketplace, a production company has to be all things production to all productions and that includes owning all necessary core tools and up-to-date software licenses.

How much can I get involved in the production of the video?

Based on the subject or level of technical information, we look to the client to set the tone. There are productions where the client can drop in and out before the final sign off of a project. In some cases, the client will work directly on the production to ensure accuracy. We support first-time video clients as well as veteran video clients with as much information as is required. This relationship strengthens the team and has a direct effect on the final video.

What methods do you use for distribution?

We use YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, embedded website players, social media, email attachments, USB Keys and media players to broadcast or get your video out there in front of your target audience. As part of our service, we take your video and produce it with every intention of making it share-Worthy. 

Sharing your media, especially video, will draw people to your website where you can continue the conversation with a prospective client.