“Reviews” Short Film

Written and directed by Wayne Dorey, this short film puts one crazy film director through what can only be described as, “A twisted roller coaster ride with the back seat on fire. We enter a world that plays out inside the scrambled head of Javier Bustos played by versatile comedic actor Cris Amiana. Cris has taken a deeply flawed character and brought him to life, and then proceeded to torture him physiologically.

This film asks the burning question, “Can a film about a man who falls in love with his own ass actually be liked by the critics

Under Development:

“Insert Lie Here” The Documentary!

“Fake News has been responsible for 2,500 years of misinformation campaigns, sinister plots, deceptions and lies but, does anyone really know the truth – now you do.

This documentary will reveal how historical events were shaped by the weaponizing of words designed to satisfy an agenda. Throughout, we will review what influences the decision-making process and why we do what we do. Our story will answer questions as well as illustrate the evolution of lies.

Synopsis Available on Request.

Project Examples

To the right is a list of project examples that DorVal Films has produced to help demonstrate how you can put your targeted message in a package that will get viewed. They range in length from thirty seconds to two minutes. Current research suggests that people will watch video if they find them; the key is the length of a video. Please join our host and choose from the selection of examples.

DorVal Films: 4 skills every video editor needs

In the industry of film and video production, the competition is not to be taken lightly. Lots of up-and-coming video editors have a great set of skills and dedication that gives them so much edge. Although this might seem inspiring, it can intimidate you when you’re not confident enough to bring anything new to the table.

As a video editor, you will carry a lot of tasks on your shoulders. From assembling raw footage to editing scenes to synchronising sound effects, video editing will require you to put in so much work. So, to succeed in the field, here are the most important skills you need to possess:

Attention to detail

When producing a video, even the smallest mistake can be noticed by your viewers. No matter how good your footage is, incomplete transitions, inconsistent fonts and bad audio can be included in your video if you’re not paying enough attention.

Throughout the process, make sure that you develop a good eye for special effects, camera angles and continuity. You also need to pay attention to how you apply sound effects to balance your audio well. Remember that as a video editor, you can’t just wing it and expect good results.


Learning how to be flexible and easily adjust during changes is incredibly important for a video editor to succeed. In some cases, a client or your boss requests that you remove a scene, use closed captions or dub over a specific music track. You must be ready to face these unexpected changes and production delays that can appear at the last minute.

Keep in mind that you can always plan ahead. Some things may be out of your control, but it’s best that you measure the risks and prepare for potential issues.

Communication skills

Video editing looks like a one-man job on the surface, but when you’re doing the rough work, you need to collaborate with a team. This includes directors, music producers and sound editors, among others. 

You will have to work with them throughout the post-production process, especially when it comes to revisions. As a video editor, you need to learn how to express your ideas and thoughts to help your team produce a high-quality video. In addition, it is important that you listen intently, ask questions and welcome criticisms.


When you’re in the creative field, there will be days when you don’t feel like working. It seems like there’s a dark cloud hanging over your head, preventing you from doing the work that needs to be done. And as much as you want to accomplish tasks as soon as possible, the inspiration to create is not just there.

Depending solely on inspiration, however, is not ideal. It doesn’t always come, and when it does, you’ve already missed your deadlines. On the other hand, what works better is discipline and the ability to motivate yourself, making you achieve your goals with ease.