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Comic Book Crazy! The Documentary

Feature Documentary: The Comic Convention is a full contact sport for those who dare.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the person working on the other side of the table talking about comics and superheroes all day at the large annual comic book convention and pop culture event in Canada?

“Comic Book Crazy!” is an in-depth and dramatic look at what it takes to work the third largest comic book convention in North America. Celebrating the 20th year of Fan Expo, DorVal Films has captured the experience of being a vendor from the other side of the table.

Through the eyes of four comic book stores and the 900 plus exhibitors, we follow the five days of crazy that will see close to 130,000 people participate in the convention. Come watch these crazy convention commandos trade sandbags for an estimated 3,000 boxes of comic books and collectibles as the sea of comic book culture fans leave the real world behind and enter into the “Comic Book Crazy” zone!

Comic Book Culture

13 Episode Television Series: A inside look at the world wide phenomena that is Comic Book Culture.

Comic Book Culture the television show, goes down the rabbit hole and into the world that surrounds the artists and craftsmen that live and breathe within the comic book life style. Out of step with main stream living, the people of the Comic Book Culture community have a unique perspective. With over 80 videos on our YouTube Channel, we have brought together that unique perspective and now we exhibit some of the best artists from all over this globe.

No Good Deed

Short Film: It takes us from the highest life moment, to the unthinkable.

Brad and Skyler have the world by the tale. Skyler has found her prince charming and Brad has found his soul mate. With a big question just around the corner, it looks like nothing will stop this power couple. But before the night is over, they will go from the highest moment to the unthinkable.

I’m Waiting

Short Film: Courtney Fowler beautiful, sexy and about to find herself close to edge and far from home.

Courtney Fowler is all dressed up when she returns from the city. At the last minute, she changed her plans to leave town with her husband. Instead the plan is to head to their remote cottage where her husband will meet her later in the day. She lets out a sigh as she heads back out the door returning shortly with food and a suspicious black duffel bag. Her and her husband have had a couple of rocky years and she has become very unhappy. Her headaches are pounding away and she is very, very unhappy…