Welcome to DorVal Films!

Web based video clip production is a messaging tool that is shared throughout social media and can be tracked by search engines like Google and YouTube within hours of posting.

DorVal Films Does Video!  With over 50 years of production experience, we at DorVal Films create videos personalized to the client’s needs and expectations. A video element in a mixed media marketing and promotions project is important and should be short and “to the point.” In essence, it’s a presentation that informs as well as entertains.  These questions need to be considered before beginning:

  • What is your mission?
  • What is your message?
  • What do you specializes in?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What are you saying or offering?
  • What are your core business values?
  • How do you attract prospective clients?
Television & Web Site AdsSelect link to learn more about creating an affordable 30, 60, 90 second or 2 minute broadcast or web site video.

Five Stages of Production

We design, script, storyboard, shoot and post-produce all videos in-house.  There is no delay between each phase of production.  Our team has decades of corporate and broadcast experience and we will produce any level of video production required.
  • Development:  Identify target clients; create concept and then the draft outline.
    Your DRAFT OUTLINE is the blueprint for the development of everything else.
  • Pre-Production: Identify target clients; create concept and then the draft outline.  Your DRAFT OUTLINE is the blueprint for the development of everything else.
  • Production: Produce and create final video and soundtrack elements.
    CAPTURE AND CREATE with an eye on the edit as well as the resources.
    A professionally written script will save time and money when you need it the most.

Project Examples

To the right is a list of project examples that DorVal Films has produced to help demonstrate how you can put your targeted message in a package that will get viewed. They range in length from thirty seconds to two minutes. Current research suggests that people will watch video if they find them; the key is the length of a video. Please join our host and choose from the selection of examples.
** Note: From the thumbnails above, click on the magnify glass  to view the specific video.